Paradise Ridge # 212

Paradise Ridge is located on Henry Road in a drive to complex near the Green and Hawk Chairs. This complex offers underground parking, elevator access, outdoor pool, hot tub and sauna. Ski locker storage off the lobby.
Paradise Ridge external view


Accommodation Details 212 Paradise Ridge

Maximum number of Guests: 7

Closest Lodge: Alpine

Closest Lift: Green & Hawk

Pet Friendly: No

Winter Rates: 
Weekday Sun-Thur: 255.00
Weekend Thur-Sun: 350.00
Holidays/Peak: 490.00

Summer Rates: 
Weekday Sun-Thur: 189.00
Weekend Thur-Sun: 189.00

Accommodation Layout: 
Bedrooms: 3
Queen Beds: 2
Double Beds: 1
Bunk Beds: 1
Bathrooms: 2
Kitchen: Full
Sitting Area: Yes
Dining Area: Yes
Deck: Yes

Additional Features: Outdoor pool, hot tub and sauna

Vehicle Access: 
Drive to: Yes
Reserved Parking Spots: 2
Parking Location: Undercover
Additional Pre-booked Parking facilities available: No
Max Number of Cars: 2

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