Metro Ski & Snowboard

Canadian Pavilion at Metro 08
Metro Ski & Snowboard Show, London UK Oct 20-24, 2010

Tourism Mount Washington took the mountain to the UK for the third time in October 2010.

We can confidently say that part of our success in our objective to put Mount Washington on the global map and establishing Mount Washington as a winter ski destination in the UK market to date, can be accredited to our attendance at this event. As a direct result of our visits, we captured the Snow Leopard and the Ghana Ski Team for training on Mount Washington – an initiative that attracted the world’s press to Mount Washington. In addition, we have started establishing relationships with the media and trade and have hosted a number of FAM tours which should help maintain our ongoing objective to increase awareness of Mount Washington, Vancouver Island’s hidden gem in the UK through selected Tour Operators, the UK Press and travel industry media.

Attendance at this key industry event, also enabled us to establish Tourism Mount Washington as a Destination Marketing Organization and to network with other Canadian Resorts who are already established in the UK market and to benefit from their experience.

Metro Ski & Snowbaord show is the bigest ski show ever attended by Mount Washington, and the interactive attractions for visitors were second to none – big jump demos and competitions by the UK’s leading snowboarders and skiers, vertical 4×4 rides, an ice rink, curling lanes, fashion shows, ice bars, ice carving demos and workshops, snowboard design competitions, husky dogs and competitions to win a winter holiday on countless stands to say nothing of the numerous retail facilties that were doing a roaring trade in equipment and attire despite the recession. However, attendance was down slightly on last year – with initial post show attendance figures released at 39,000. This slight downturn can be explained by the economic situation and the fact that in 2007 the show coincided with the UK half term holidays which increased midweek attendance, that being said the quality of visitors and enquiries was excellent and our attendance can only be of benefit to members of Tourism Mount Washington, the resort and its stakeholders.

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