Tourism Mount Washington frequently asked questions

Tourism Mount Washington's Mission

To coordinate the common interests and collective resources of the Mount washington resort community.
To enhance the overall experience of visitors and maximize the economic benefit for members

Tourism Mount Washington's Vision

To work with our membership to develop a vibrant resort community and to promote Mount Washington as one of the preferred recreational and tourism destinations on Vancouver Island.

What is the purpose of the Mount Washington Resort Association?

The purpose of your Resort Association as stated in the Constition and Bylaws is to promote, facilitate and encourage the development, maintenance and operation of Mount Washington ("MWAR") and the members of the Association (as defined in the Bylaws).

How is the Mount Washington Resort Association dba Tourism Mount Washington funded?

Tourism Mount Washington is a membership funded association with incremental revenue collected through the implementation of the 2% Additional Hotel Room Tax on 1st January, 2010 and other partnered initiatives.

Am I obliged to be a member of Tourism Mount Washington?

All sublease and Freehold Strata Lot owners on Mount Washington are required to be members of the Mount Washington Resort Association dba Tourism Mount Washington. This requirement is clearly detailed in the disclosure statements of your Sublease and Freehold title agreements. 

If I sell my property, do I need to notify Tourism Mount Washington?

Yes. When selling your property on Mount Washington, please complete the Transfer of Title form and send to Tourism Mount Washington via email or fax 1-855-379-8329, or have your legal representatives contact us. This will help ensure we have the correct information on file and will avoid us sending you membership related information and invoices after your have sold your Mount Washington property.

I don't rent my property so was wondering what benefits of membership there are for me?

Property values: It has been proven by other established Resort Associations that property values have increased as a result of the advertising and promotional efforts of the Resort Association destination marketing activities, building awareness of the Resort as a destination that is not only attractive to visitors but to those looking to invest.

Tangible Benefits: Tourism Mount Washington is and will continue to actively negotiate and build partnerships with companies on and off the mountain that are willing to offer Tourism Mount Washington preferential rates and discounts on their products and services.  Tourism Mount Washington introduced new Membership cards in June of 2012 to be distributed to all members in good standing.


    Membership cards are unique to each member and valid for the duration of the membership year, which runs from March 1st through to the end of February each year.

Click here for an up to date list of partners and the special offers & discount privileges they are offering to our members on presentation of a valid membership card.

Member to Member Accommodation Swap: Tourism Mount Washington is in negotiation with a number of Alpine Resorts across the country with the objective of establishing an accommodation swap facility for Mountain Resort Association Members. A news bulletin will be sent out to all members once this initiative is up and running. Access to the list of participating members is restricted to members in good standing.

What are the guidelines and policies for Tourism Mount Washington Board Members?

Full information on the guidelines and expectations for our Board Members are detailed in this PDF file.

Are Laminated copies of the Illustrated Poster Map available for purchase?

Tourism Mount Washington is pleased to offer their members laminated copies of the Illustrated Poster Map at the special discounted rate of $10.00 + GST  (Regular RRP $15.00 + GST). To order your copy click here. Copies will be available for collection from the our offices in Courtenay or the check-in facility at the General Store during winter operations, 14 days from date of order.


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