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Mt. Washington is a picturesque destination popular for its majestic sceneries and top-rated attractions where the knack for a photo op will come in handy. Standing at 6,288.2 ft, the terminus holds the record for the highest peak sitting on the border of Canada and the USA. This feature makes it a hotspot for avid climbers and hikers in BC. The area is also swarming with national parks and trails, which are nestled into the thick shadows of the mountains. If you are in for an escapade of a lifetime, here are some of the best things you should do at Mt. Washington.

Try Fat Biking in The Winter

Fat biking is the newest yet most fulfilling way to explore the high-peaked mountain. A fat bike is a special mountain bike with extra wide tires that help with stability and traction as you ride on the snow. Rent a fat bike and ride across the groomed cross-country trails if you are after a demanding physical activity filled with breathtaking views and unimaginable adventure. A 2-hour ride on a fat rental bike guarantees the best experience in Mt. Washington, especially if you are a fan of outdoor activities in BC. The bikes are available on a first-come, first-served basis, so you don’t have to worry about pre-bookings. Some of the fantastic trails you should try include Finger Glades and Ravens Revenge which span approximately 4 km and 6 km, respectively.

Hit the Available Land-based Casinos

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Visit Forbidden Plateau

Forbidden Plateau is one of the most interesting places to visit at Mt. Washington. The plateau is situated northeast of the mountain, making it accessible to visitors from any parts of the globe. Forbidden Plateau features attractive sub-alpine terrain broken up by small, rugged hills. What makes the place famous is that it was the epicenter of the M.73 Vancouver earthquake in 1946 which shook the entire province. Besides its rich history, Forbidden Plateau offers adventurers fantastic hiking trails and is amazing for cross-country skiing during the winter season. While on-site, you will also have a clear view of Mountain Albert.

Try the Famous Eagle’s Flight Zipline

One of the best ways to have fun on Mt. Washington, especially if you are an adrenaline junkie, is to go zip lining at Eagle’s Flight. Eagle’s Flight is the longest zipline in the region will see you fly across Mt and one of the few places you should visit if you want to have unimaginable alpine experiences at an approximate speed of 100kph. At first, you will rise 33 meters above the ground. The height will increase further before you experience a drop of 415 meters, leaving you stunned. While on the Zipline, you will have a clear view of Albert Edward in British Columbia, not to mention the front face of Mt. Washington. The Abyss, which is a gap between mountain peaks, is the highest point of Eagle’s Flight Zipline and the highlight of the adventure as it will soar you hundreds of meters from the ground.

Get Pumped at The Mt. Washington Tube Park

Snow tubing is an incredible recreational activity on Mt. Washington that caters to adults and kids alike. What makes it much more fun are the whirls, slides, and spins as you roll down the slope. The Tube Park has cameras that capture videos, so you can be certain every moment you spend Tubing will be available for watching. This thrilling adventure is one of the reasons why the Tube Park was swarming with travelers once it was announced that Mt. Washington is open for the winter season. Finally, the Tube Park consists of four broad lanes that will guide the direction of the tube. These lanes run into a thick bed of hey designed to bring you to a gentle stop.

Ride the Scenic Chairlift

If you want a breathtaking view of the slopes of Mt. Washington, ride on the Scenic Chairlift. The recreation will take you to the top of the world, where you will have a perfect sight of the ocean to the alpine as well as perspectives of Strathcona Provincial Park, not to mention the Salish Sea. The Chairlift is perfect if you want a lowkey but memorable outdoor activity with friends or your entire family. Note that before you enjoy a ride, you must purchase a wristband in person at the Alpine Lodge resort.


Mt. Washington is an unrivaled destination in British Columbia, Canada, boasting a pleasant climate, spectacular sceneries, and towering mountains. It also offers some of the best hiking trails for those aching to get deep into the woods. If you are not interested in physical activities, book a picturesque spot, sit back, and relax. Note that the location is astounding all year round, with distinct activities for Summer, Autumn, Spring, and Winter.

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